AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-29commitedt/context_functionsSamuel Thibault
2018-12-27Merge commit 'refs/top-bases/t/context_functions' into t/context_functionsSamuel Thibault
2018-12-27Merge tag 'glibc-2.28' into baseline-2.28baselineSamuel Thibault
2018-08-01Update NEWS, version.h, and features.h for glibc 2.28.Carlos O'Donell
2018-08-01Synchronize translation project PO files.Carlos O'Donell
2018-08-01hurd: Fix exec usage of mach_setup_threadSamuel Thibault
2018-08-01hurd: Add missing ChangeLog entrySamuel Thibault
2018-07-31hurd: Fix startup of static binaries linked against libpthreadSamuel Thibault
2018-07-31Update tooling versions verified to work with glibc.Carlos O'Donell
2018-07-31Update contrib.texi contributions.Carlos O'Donell
2018-07-31Update translation for be.Carlos O'Donell
2018-07-31Update SH libm-tests-ulpsAdhemerval Zanella
2018-07-31Update translations for bg, de, hr, pt_BR, sv, and vi.Carlos O'Donell
2018-07-30x86/CET: Fix property note parser [BZ #23467]H.J. Lu
2018-07-30x86: Add tst-get-cpu-features-static to $(tests) [BZ #23458]H.J. Lu
2018-07-28hurd: Fix some symbol override from libcSamuel Thibault
2018-07-28hurd: Fix some symbol override from libcSamuel Thibault
2018-07-27Update translations for cs, pl, and uk.Carlos O'Donell
2018-07-27x86/CET: Don't parse beyond the note endH.J. Lu
2018-07-27Update NEWS with ISO 14651 update information.Carlos O'Donell
2018-07-27NEWS: Avoid the words "nominative" and "genitive".Rafal Luzynski
2018-07-27Fix Linux fcntl OFD locks on unsupported kernelsAdhemerval Zanella
2018-07-27Add the missing ChangeLog entry for commit be525a69a66H.J. Lu
2018-07-27hurd: Fix some symbol override from libcSamuel Thibault
2018-07-26Update libc.pot.Carlos O'Donell
2018-07-26Update powerpc-nofpu ulps.Joseph Myers
2018-07-26x86: Populate COMMON_CPUID_INDEX_80000001 for Intel CPUs [BZ #23459]H.J. Lu
2018-07-26x86: Correct index_cpu_LZCNT [BZ # 23456]H.J. Lu
2018-07-26Fix string/tst-xbzero-opt if build with gcc head.Stefan Liebler
2018-07-26htl: Use weak aliases for public symbolsFlorian Weimer
2018-07-25Add missing localedata/ (Bug 23393).Carlos O'Donell
2018-07-25Keep expected behaviour for [a-z] and [A-z] (Bug 23393).Carlos O'Donell
2018-07-25ia64: Work around incorrect type of IA64 uc_sigmaskH.J. Lu
2018-07-25Fix ISO C threads installed header and HURD assumptionAdhemerval Zanella
2018-07-25x86/CET: Add a setcontext test for CETH.J. Lu
2018-07-25Fix C11 conformance issuesAdhemerval Zanella
2018-07-25C11 threads: Fix timeout and locking issuesFlorian Weimer
2018-07-25x86-64/CET: Extend ucontext_t to save shadow stackH.J. Lu
2018-07-25Add tests for setcontext on the context from makecontextH.J. Lu
2018-07-25Add a test for multiple setcontext callsH.J. Lu
2018-07-25Add another test for setcontextH.J. Lu
2018-07-25Add a test for multiple makecontext callsH.J. Lu
2018-07-25x86/CET: Add tests with legacy non-CET shared objectsH.J. Lu
2018-07-25x86: Rename __glibc_reserved2 to ssp_base in tcbhead_tH.J. Lu
2018-07-25Fix out of bounds access in findidxwc (bug 23442)Andreas Schwab
2018-07-24Mention ISO C threads additionAdhemerval Zanella
2018-07-24alpha: mlock2, copy_file_range syscalls were introduced in kernel 4.13Florian Weimer
2018-07-24x86/CET: Extend arch_prctl syscall for CET controlH.J. Lu
2018-07-24sh: Do not define __ASSUME_STATXFlorian Weimer
2018-07-24Add manual documentation for threads.hRical Jasan