AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
1997-09-09Change for 2.0.5bglibc-2.0.5bcvs/glibc-2_0_5bUlrich Drepper
1997-08-29(catopen): Correctly determine length of string in NLSPATH environmentUlrich Drepper
1997-08-29.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-25Update.glibc-2.0.5cvs/glibc-2_0_5Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-25Define macros in a special way if gcc is not used and so dev_t is anUlrich Drepper
1997-08-25Include features.h instead of sys/cdefs.h. Pretty print.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-25Correct assembler versions to work even for descriptors >= 32.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-25Change name of parameters in prototypes of xdr_reference,Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-25Add missing __END_DECLS.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-25Don't define alloca to __alloca since if gcc is used __alloca is notUlrich Drepper
1997-08-23Update.cvs/glibc-2_0_5pre5Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-23Update for more recent ISO 4217Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-23Update.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-23(__tzset_internal): Fix memory leak when the user specifies a TZ valueUlrich Drepper
1997-08-23Remove the IS_* macros, they operate on internal kernel structures andUlrich Drepper
1997-08-23Fix typo.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-23Don't use fstat, use fxstat.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-23(__srandom_r): Don't use seed 0. Use 1 in this case.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-23Make {,v}snprintf functions available is __USE_BSD.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-21Regenerated from source filesUlrich Drepper
1997-08-16.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16Add cthreads.c.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16Update.cvs/libc-ud-970816Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16Interpret no DST information in user provided time zone specificationUlrich Drepper
1997-08-16CThread interface for glibc.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16[subdir=misc] (sysdep_routines): Add cthreads.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16Introduce thread-specific key handling functions.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16Include <gnu/types.h>, not <bits/types.h>.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16(getpeername): Correct type of len argument.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16utmpname implementation.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16Rewrite lock handling.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16Removed since no direct db backend will ever exist.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16Reformat and correct typos.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16Update for changed internal functions.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16Rewrite to use jump table correctly.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16(logout): Correct test for result of utmpname and pututline. HandleUlrich Drepper
1997-08-16(login): Correct test for result of utmpname.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16Rename to __getutline and make getutline a weak alias.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16 Rewrite to use jump table correctly.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16Rename to __getutid and make getutid a weak alias.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16Rename to __getutent and make getutent a weak alias.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16(routines): Add utmpname, remove utmp_db.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16(usage): Fix help text.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-16[__USE_GNU]: Undefine assert_perror.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-08Update.cvs/glibc-2_0_5pre2Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-08Linux specific configuration file for libio.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-08(__libc_once_define): Add new parameter for object class.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-08Correct comment.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-08(profile_waiter): Do vm_deallocateUlrich Drepper
1997-08-08($(common-objpfx)hurd/../mach/RPC_vm_deallocate_rpc.c): Delete thisUlrich Drepper