AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
1995-04-26[HAVE_UNISTD_H]: Include unistd.h so it can declare sys_siglist.cvs/make-3-73-2Roland McGrath
1995-04-26Support Linux elf and a.out systems; Add parisc supportMichael Meissner
1995-04-26(_nl_free_locale): Do nothing if DATA is null.Roland McGrath
1995-04-26(CRAY*Y-MP:*:*:*): New entry.Richard Kenner
1995-04-25(glob): If GLOB_MARK set, stat names to find directories and append slashes t...Roland McGrath
1995-04-24Sat Apr 22 14:48:03 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-21* hurd/hurdsig.c: Use assert_perror for many calls which shouldRoland McGrath
1995-04-21Thu Apr 20 22:23:58 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-20.Roland McGrath
1995-04-19Wed Apr 19 18:12:56 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-19 * time/tzset.c (__tzname, __daylight, __timezone): Don't check ...Brendan Kehoe
1995-04-19Move $os tests to set $elf et al earlier, before construction of $sysnames. I...Roland McGrath
1995-04-19RegeneratedRoland McGrath
1995-04-18* libc-symbols.h (strong_alias_asm, strong_alias): UseRoland McGrath
1995-04-18Tue Apr 18 14:00:19 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-18(main): Don't generate "#ifdef HAVE_WEAK_SYMBOLS" #defns.Roland McGrath
1995-04-17* sysdeps/alpha/strlen.c (strlen): Fix cmpbge insn, and returning Brendan Kehoe
1995-04-16 * /sysdeps/unix/bsd/ultrix4/mips/sysdep.h: New file defining ...Brendan Kehoe
1995-04-15* sysdeps/ieee754/mpn2dbl.c (__mpn_construct_double) Brendan Kehoe
1995-04-15 * sysdeps/unix/bsd/osf/alpha/killpg.S (killpg): Add .end directive. ...Brendan Kehoe
1995-04-15... changing to use /**/ instead of ! as comments Brendan Kehoe
1995-04-15 * sysdeps/unix/mips/brk.S (__brk, __curbrk): Add .end. * sysd...Brendan Kehoe
1995-04-15 * sysdeps/unix/bsd/osf/alpha/start.S: Change comments to be p...Brendan Kehoe
1995-04-15 * sysdeps/unix/bsd/osf/alpha/sysdep.h (NO_UNDERSCORES): Define.Brendan Kehoe
1995-04-14Fri Apr 14 15:53:46 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-14* Makefile (distribute): Add ChangeLog.[0-9].Roland McGrath
1995-04-14* sysdeps/generic/expm1.c: #undef expm1 before weak_alias.Roland McGrath
1995-04-14Thu Apr 13 09:45:01 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-13Wed Apr 12 23:27:22 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-12Tue Apr 11 20:38:55 1995 Roland McGrath <>cvs/libc-950411Roland McGrath
1995-04-10Mon Apr 10 14:53:15 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-10Sun Apr 9 01:24:33 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-08* (install-lib, extra-objs, alltypes-$(lib)): MakeRoland McGrath
1995-04-08* locale/loadlocale.c (_nl_load_locale): Use MAP_INHERIT flag inRoland McGrath
1995-04-08* malloc/free.c (__malloc_safe_bcopy, memmove): Don't defineRoland McGrath
1995-04-08Sat Apr 8 00:40:59 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-07Accept -lites* as op sys.Richard M. Stallman
1995-04-06* hurd/hurdinline.c: Include signal.h first, so we don't defineRoland McGrath
1995-04-05* misc/login_tty.c [! TIOCSCTTY]: Try an emulation using ttynameRoland McGrath
1995-04-05Wed Apr 5 00:13:45 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-04* sysdeps/unix/start.c: Remove spurious decl and #endif.Roland McGrath
1995-04-04Tue Apr 4 00:48:53 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-03* posix/execvp.c: Don't use stat to search path; just try execvRoland McGrath
1995-04-02Sun Apr 2 13:13:52 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-01* Makerules ( lib%_pic.a): Pass -L options for subdir andcvs/libc-950402Roland McGrath
1995-04-01Sat Apr 1 00:08:06 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-01New file, broken out of mutex-solid.c.Roland McGrath
1995-03-31 * sysdeps/alpha/__longjmp.c (__longjmp): Take out const.Brendan Kehoe
1995-03-31 * sysdeps/mips/__longjmp.c (__longjmp): Take out CONST.Brendan Kehoe
1995-03-30Thu Mar 30 01:38:00 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath