AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
1997-12-10Remove setjmp_aux.c.cvs/glibc-2_0_6pre3Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-10Update.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Return value with expected byte order.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Add test for isw* functions.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Not used anymore.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Care for prefix.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Add prctl.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Add AF_* and PF_ constants from Linux headers.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Add __libc_accept as alias.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09[$(subdir)=misc] (sysdep_headers):Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Add scsi/sg.h, net/if_packet.h, net/if_slip.h, and sys/prctl.h.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Header for generic SCSI interfaceUlrich Drepper
1997-12-09Define socket syscalls with __libc_* names.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Define sysv_signal as weak alias.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09(convert_mask, __sigvec): Don't check int mask beyound its size.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09(__sigsetmask): Don't check int mask beyound its size.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09(__sigblock): Don't check int mask beyound its size.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09[NO_LONG_DOUBLE]: Correct cabsl.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Remove cabs definition.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09(_dl_runtime_resolve): Care for prefix.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Backport setjmp/longjmp rewrite.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Rename cu_wait from timeout to not shadow the variable in the outerUlrich Drepper
1997-12-09(__WAIT_INT): Don't use complex version with __typeof for C++ sinceUlrich Drepper
1997-12-09Make sure digits_dots.c sees `resbuf' as struct and not a pointer.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Place `result' in resbuf and not in `buffer'.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09If buffer is to small, set the file handle for /etc/shadow back inUlrich Drepper
1997-12-09If buffer is to small, set the file handle for /etc/passwd back inUlrich Drepper
1997-12-09If buffer is to small, set the file handle for /etc/group back in someUlrich Drepper
1997-12-09(malloc_update_mallinfo): Initialize struct for return value.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09locale/programs/ld-ctype.c: Write 32bit char classes in correct byteUlrich Drepper
1997-12-09Correct data for isw* functions.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09Increase buffer if it is too small.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09(libc_cv_gcc_alpha_ng_prefix): New check.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09(ASM_ALPHA_NG_SYMBOL_PREFIX): New entry.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-09(compile.S, COMPILE.S, COMPILE.s): Use $(ASFLAGS-*) variable as well.Ulrich Drepper
1997-12-06Regenerated: autoconf configure.inUlrich Drepper
1997-12-03(MAP_FAILED): Add constant. Suggested by Petter ReinholdtsenUlrich Drepper
1997-11-20Update.cvs/glibc-2_0_6-pre2Ulrich Drepper
1997-11-20(CFLAGS-charmap.c): Add -Wno-char-subscripts.Ulrich Drepper
1997-11-19(__mktime_internal): Declare sec_requested even ifUlrich Drepper
1997-11-19(__tzfile_compute): Use negated value of offset for timezoneUlrich Drepper
1997-11-19Update from tzdata1997i.Ulrich Drepper
1997-11-19Change prototype accordingly.Ulrich Drepper
1997-11-19cfsetspeed): Change return value to int.Ulrich Drepper
1997-11-19Include <asm/types.h>.Ulrich Drepper
1997-11-19Correct return value.Ulrich Drepper
1997-11-19Add new values.Ulrich Drepper
1997-11-19Correct loading of return address.Ulrich Drepper
1997-11-19Add new values and correct types in struct cmsghdr.Ulrich Drepper
1997-11-19Define __need_NULL to get definition of NULL.Ulrich Drepper