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@@ -79,6 +79,17 @@ __BEGIN_DECLS
_POSIX_MESSAGE_PASSING POSIX.4 message queues are supported.
_POSIX_SEMAPHORES POSIX.4 counting semaphores are supported.
_POSIX_SHARED_MEMORY_OBJECTS POSIX.4 shared memory objects are supported.
+ _POSIX_PII Protocol-independent interfaces are supported.
+ _POSIX_PII_XTI XTI protocol-indep. interfaces are supported.
+ _POSIX_PII_SOCKET Socket protocol-indep. interfaces are supported.
+ _POSIX_PII_INTERNET Internet family of protocols supported.
+ _POSIX_PII_INTERNET_STREAM Connection-mode Internet protocol supported.
+ _POSIX_PII_INTERNET_DGRAM Connectionless Internet protocol supported.
+ _POSIX_PII_OSI ISO/OSI family of protocols supported.
+ _POSIX_PII_OSI_COTS Connection-mode ISO/OSI service supported.
+ _POSIX_PII_OSI_CLTS Connectionless ISO/OSI service supported.
+ _POSIX_POLL Implementation supports `poll' function.
+ _POSIX_SELECT Implementation supports `select' and `pselect'.
If any of these symbols is defined as -1, the corresponding option is not
true for any file. If any is defined as other than -1, the corresponding