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authorUlrich Drepper <>1998-05-15 14:46:36 +0000
committerUlrich Drepper <>1998-05-15 14:46:36 +0000
commitb17277cfa29eee1b76fcaa18f2d4bb21c1567d6c (patch)
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parent0f488414e05e73763e739222ff8a89682df93d42 (diff)
1998-05-15 14:36 Ulrich Drepper <> * posix/wordexp-test.c: Avoid duplicate messages. * sysdeps/generic/setenv.c: Use __tfind and __tsearch, not tfind and tsearch. Correctly interpret values returned by those functions. (unsetenv): Store pointer to string, not pointer to string pointer. * time/tzfile.c (__tzfile_compute): Take new arguments. Store DST information and offset in them. * time/tzset.c (__tz_convert): Pass extra parameters to __tzfile_compute. Compute equivalent values for use of tz_rules. 1998-05-15 00:49:11 Zack Weinberg <> * iconvdata/Makefile (gen-8bit-table): Use move-if-change and stamp files to avoid unnecessary recompilation. (gen-8bit-gap-table): Likewise. (move-if-change): New variable. (all generated .h rules): Change to be .stmp rules. (%.h): New rule; depend on %.stmp; no commands. (distribute): Add,, 1998-05-15 01:09 Zack Weinberg <> * Makerules (libc-map): Deleted. (load-map-file): Set to the appropriate compiler switch, not just the file name. If libfoo-map is not set, look for a in the current directory and $(..). (map-file): New variable, contains just the mapfile name. (build-shlib): Adjust for new value of load-map-file. ( Correct dependencies. * Correct shlib dependencies since libfoo-map may not be set anymore. * elf/Makefile: Set ld-map to $(..), not $(libc-map). Delete libdl-map. Tweak link rule to work with changed variable settings in Makerules. * iconvdata/Makefile: Tweak build-module to work with changed variable settings in Makerules. * db/Makefile: Delete libdb-map. * hesiod/Makefile: Delete libnss_hesiod-map. * linuxthreads/Makefile: Delete libpthread-map. * locale/Makefile: Delete libBrokenLocale-map. * login/Makefile: Delete libutil-map. * math/Makefile: Delete libm-map. * md5-crypt/Makefile: Delete libcrypt-map. * nis/Makefile: Delete libnsl-map, libnss_nis-map, libnss_nisplus-map, and libnss_compat-map. * nss/Makefile: Delete libnss_files-map, libnss_db-map, and libnss_ldap-map. * resolv/Makefile: Delete libresolv-map and libnss_dns-map. * rt/Makefile: Delete librt-map. 1998-05-15 01:06 Zack Weinberg <> * Instead of substituting `yes' or `no' for whether --no-whole-archive is available, set @no_whole_archive@ to the appropriate gcc switch or the empty string. Likewise for -fno-exceptions. * Replace have-no-whole-archive with no-whole-archive and have-no-exceptions with no-exceptions. * Makerules: Delete stanzas setting no-whole-archive and no-exceptions. * sunrpc/Makefile: Use move-if-change to update generated .h and .c files. 1998-05-13 Andreas Schwab <> * wcsmbs/wcsmbsload.c (extract_charset_name): Use strcspn instead of strchr loop. 1998-05-15 Andreas Jaeger <> * time/tzfile.c (__tzfile_read): Remove unused variable info. (__tzfile_compute): Likewise. 1998-05-15 Andreas Jaeger <> * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/bits/socket.h (AF_SNA,PF_SNA): Add new defines from Linux 2.1.102.
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diff --git a/hesiod/Makefile b/hesiod/Makefile
index 9959cee3fc..f1356bbfbd 100644
--- a/hesiod/Makefile
+++ b/hesiod/Makefile
@@ -30,7 +30,6 @@ subdir-dirs = nss_hesiod
vpath %.c nss_hesiod
libnss_hesiod-routines := hesiod hesiod-grp hesiod-pwd hesiod-service
-libnss_hesiod-map :=
# Build only shared library
libnss_hesiod-inhibit-o = $(filter-out .os,$(object-suffixes))