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authorTomas Dohnalek <>2014-02-15 01:04:57 +0000
committerJoseph Myers <>2014-02-15 01:04:57 +0000
commit591aeaf7a99bc9aa9179f013114d92496952dced (patch)
tree9aed1ca2715950e4853ffff3df706dc8fb08dccd /Rules
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Generate .test-result files for ordinary tests.
This patch, an updated version of <>, starts the process of generating explicit PASS or FAIL status for individual glibc tests. It's based on Tomas Dohnalek's patch <>, but is deliberately more minimal: it doesn't try to cover any tests outside of $(tests) / $(xtests) (that's for a later patch), nor does it put the result together in an overall summary file (again, a later patch): it just generates the .test-result files. Thus, this patch keeps the overall logic for when a testsuite run finishes completely unchanged: a test failing will terminate the run. I think we *should* move to a more conventional approach where plain "make check" does not terminate for an individual test failure, unless e.g. you say "make stop-on-test-failure=y check", but that sort of policy change is best done as a separate patch once the infrastructure is in place to generate summary files for completed test runs (which will entirely consist of PASS and XFAIL lines if the testsuite run reaches the point of generating them, until such a policy change is made). Tested x86_64. 2014-02-14 Tomas Dohnalek <> Joseph Myers <> * Makeconfig (test-name): New variable. (evaluate-test): Likewise. * Makerules (do-test-clean): Remove .test-result files. (common-mostlyclean): Likewise. * Rules ($(objpfx)%.out): Use $(evaluate-test) in both rules. * scripts/ New file.
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diff --git a/Rules b/Rules
index 49ca8ea7a2..3e305ddaa5 100644
--- a/Rules
+++ b/Rules
@@ -183,9 +183,11 @@ make-test-out = $(test-wrapper-env) \
GCONV_PATH=$(common-objpfx)iconvdata LC_ALL=C \
$($*-ENV) $(host-test-program-cmd) $($*-ARGS)
$(objpfx)%.out: %.input $(objpfx)%
- $(make-test-out) > $@ < $(word 1,$^)
+ $(make-test-out) > $@ < $(word 1,$^); \
+ $(evaluate-test)
$(objpfx)%.out: /dev/null $(objpfx)% # Make it 2nd arg for canned sequence.
- $(make-test-out) > $@
+ $(make-test-out) > $@; \
+ $(evaluate-test)
endif # tests