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Don't use run-via-rtld-prefix for anything other than tests
run-via-rtld-prefix checks whether the program to be run is a static test and skips if it is. This is fine, except that it assumes that the program to be run is the second $^, which is true only for tests. This change creates an rtld-prefix, which is simply the dynamic linker prefix with the necessary arguments and uses that in the non-test targets.
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@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@ binaries-bench := $(addprefix $(objpfx)bench-,$(bench))
run-bench = $(test-wrapper-env) \
GCONV_PATH=$(common-objpfx)iconvdata LC_ALL=C \
- $($*-ENV) $(run-via-rtld-prefix) $${run}
+ $($*-ENV) $(rtld-prefix) $${run}
bench: $(binaries-bench)
for run in $^; do \