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Update NEWS with ISO 14651 update information.
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@@ -9,6 +9,18 @@ Version 2.28
Major new features:
+* The localization data for ISO 14651 is updated to match the 2016
+ Edition 4 release of the standard, this matches data provided by
+ Unicode 9.0.0. This update introduces significant improvements to the
+ collation of Unicode characters. This release deviates slightly from
+ the standard in that the collation element ordering for lowercase and
+ uppercase LATIN script characters is adjusted to ensure that regular
+ expressions with ranges like [a-z] and [A-Z] don't interleave e.g. A
+ is not matched by [a-z]. With the update many locales have been
+ updated to take advantage of the new collation information. The new
+ collation information has increased the size of the compiled locale
+ archive or binary locales.
* The GNU C Library can now be compiled with support for Intel CET, AKA
Intel Control-flow Enforcement Technology. When the library is built
with --enable-cet, the resulting glibc is protected with indirect